60" x 5yd Tyvek 2462C

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60" X 5 Yard Tyvek 2462C

Gray on one side, white on the other, Tyvek 2462C is a bilaminate nonwoven fabric.
This material can be draped, is washable, and can be used as patch work for an existing RV cover or fabricated into covers for multiple uses including covers for RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, BBQs, canoes, and kayaks.

  • Soft and fabric-like
  • Great for DIY covers
  • Breathable and water resistant
  • 2" Core
  • 1 Roll/ Box

Make your own durable, lightweight, easily stitchable covers that are great for outdoor or indoor use.

5 yard rolls are intended for testing and to aid in material selection. They're also ideal when only a small quantity of Tyvek is needed.

Please note - we do not accept returns of 5 yard rolls.