60" x 100yd Tyvek 1622E

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60" X 100 Yard Tyvek style 1622E

  • Pin perforated with .025mm - .038mm holes throughout
  • Highly air and moisture permeable
  • Soft and fabric-like
  • 3" Core
  • 1 roll/box

Acoustic Data: While we do not have sound transmission or sound absorption data for Tyvek 1622E, this style is perforated (very low acoustic resistance), thus, there is no STC value. (STC stands for "Sound Transmission Coefficient"). With regard to sound absorption, it will depend on many things, such as the absorbing material used for the panel and density and thickness of the absorbing material. As a rule of thumb, perforated Tyvek 1622E is sound transparent in the frequency range from 0 to 8,000Hz and will not impede sound absorbing properties of the panel.